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Keyboard Maestro 2 was acquired by Stairways Software on 30 June 2004 and we have continued to build on the solid foundations that Michael Kamprath developed in Keyboard Maestro 1 and the initial 2.0 betas.

Keyboard Maestro 2 represents a complete rewrite of the internal engine to support multiple Macro Triggers including:

Keyboard Maestro 2 also adds support for a wealth of new actions, including:

Keyboard Maestro 2 adds a new concept of a Macro Group, a set of Macros that are enabled for a specific application (or applications). This allows you to easily create Macros to enhance a particular application without tying up Hot Keys in other applications or reuse a Hot Key in different applications to get different behaviors.

Keyboard Maestro 2 adds support for importing and exporting Macros so you can share Macros with your friends and colleagues.

Detailed changes follow.

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New in 2.1

New in 2.0.3

New in 2.0.2

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