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What’s New

Keyboard Maestro 3 adds new ways to create macros, including recording, new ways to trigger macros, including using an iPhone or iPod touch or via the web, new actions, simplifications and an improved user interface.

New in 3.5

New in 3.4

New in 3.3

New in 3.2

New Clipboard Features in 3.1

Other New Action in 3.1

New Scripting Support in 3.1:

Changes in 3.1:

The system clipboard is no longer restored after actions that set it (such as Insert Text via Paste or Use Named Clipboard). This avoids race conditions related to when the system clipboard is restored. However, you can restore the system clipboard with the Set Clipboard To Past Clipboard action or use the Clipboard History Switcher to choose any past clipboard.

Fixes in 3.1:

New integration with KeyCue 4.2

Without even having to upgrade Keyboard Maestro, you can now use the recently released KeyCue 4.2 to display Keyboard Maestro hot key triggered macros at any time by simply holding down the control key.

New in 3.0.1

New ways to create and work with macros

New ways to trigger macros

New and improved actions

Improved user interface


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