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Keyboard Maestro is a productivity enhancer with several main functions. It allows you to:

Macro Groups allow you to organize your macros. Think of them as folders of macros. Each Macro Group controls when the macros it contains are active. A Macro is made of two parts: a set of Triggers you choose to determine when the macro is executed and a list of Actions that define what the macro does when it is executed.

By creating macros, you can customize your Mac to suit your use, streamline tedious tasks, and remove opportunities for mistakes by automating repetitive jobs. Make a stuburnly difficult applications behvave the way you want them to; press a key and have the computer do the next minute worth of tedious tasks for you; type a few characters and have a page full of boilerplate text appear; and so much more. Soon you'll wonder how you could have used your Mac without Keyboard Maestro.

Here are some of the primary features of Keyboard Maestro.


Macro Groups



Application Launcher

Application and Window Switcher

Clipboard Switcher

Clipboard History Switcher

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