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Keyboard Maestro is engineered by Stairways Software Pty Ltd and distributed by FastSpring. Keyboard Maestro is licensed on a per-user basis and individual users may use it on up to five Macs.

New customers can purchase Keyboard Maestro for US$36 by choosing Purchase Keyboard Maestro from the Keyboard Maestro menu. Customers with five or more users should contact us for a volume discount quote.

Keyboard Maestro 6 is a paid upgrade for most users of previous versions. Existing users are eligible for a discount and can purchase an upgrade by choosing Purchase Keyboard Maestro Upgrade from the Keyboard Maestro menu.

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro directly from us after 1 October 2012 have been issued a free upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 6. If you have not received your free license, you can find your free license upgrade at

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro 5 prior to October 2012 can upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 6 for US$25. Customers who purchased older versions of Keyboard Maestro can upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 6 for US$25. If you have not received your instructions on how to upgrade, you can find details by looking up your Keyboard Maestro license at

Customers who have not disabled upgrade emails have been emailed with new license or upgrade instructions as appropriate. If you have not received this email, please contact us so we can resolve this promptly.

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro on the Mac App Store can convert their license to a direct license by option clicking the "Mac App Version" text in the Keyboard Maestro about box and following the instructions and will then be eligible for a paid upgrade to version 6.

It is our informal policy to have a paid major upgrade roughly once every 12 to 24 months. This allows us to have a reasonably consistent revenue stream with which to fund development of Keyboard Maestro.

A fully-functional trial version of Keyboard Maestro is available for download from

For sales enquires, customer service, technical support, or to contact project management, our current contact information is listed at

For more information about anything to do with Keyboard Maestro, visit

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