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Keyboard Maestro Third Party Actions

Keyboard Maestro 6 includes the ability to use third party plug in actions, and you can download a sample of them from this page. Please email us with any contributions. See the Keyboard Maestro 6 documentation for information on how to create a plug in actions.

To install an action, download it and drop the .zip file on the Keyboard Maestro dock icon. To update an existing action, you must remove the old version from the Keyboard Maestro Actions folder first.

Note: You need Keyboard Maestro version 6.0 or later.


Status Menu Icons

Log to Evernote


This plug-in will log entries to Evernote. It requires Evernote be installed on the local machine. By Kevin van Haaren.

Fix Finder Selection Bug


The Finder’s AppleScript support has a bug such that it will sometimes return the incorrect result for the selection, which can be catastrophic if you then proceed to act on the wrong files. This action corrects the Finder’s behaviour in this case, so you should use it before referencing the Finder’s selection, either via AppleScript, or equivalently using the Finder Selection collection in the For Each action.

Set Finder Label


This plug-in will set the Finder label of a file.

Get Finder Path


This plug-in from Ian Kirkland will get various Finder paths (the front window, insertion point or first entry in the selection) in a variety of styles (HFS or POSIX, quoted or unquoted).

Send to IFTTT


This plug-in from Jamie Shaw takes the values of five fields, bundles some of them up in JSON and submits them to IFTTT’s URL. If desired, the PLIST file has space for a default value for the “key” field, saving time having to enter it every time the action is used the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

Unminimize All Windows


The plug-in will unminimize the all the windows in the front application (for most applications anyway).

Example AppleScript


A simple example AppleScript action that displays a dialog and shows some of the other types or parameters you can use.

Example Shell Script


A simple example Shell Script action that lists a directory and shows some of the other types or parameters you can use.


If you have any suggestions or contributions, please let us know.

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