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Winner of a Macworld Editors’ Choice Award for 2013!

Download Keyboard Maestro 7 for OS X 10.10+ (including Sierra).
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(For OS X 10.9 and older, download an old version)

Whether you are a power user or a grandparent (or both!), your time is precious. So why waste it when Keyboard Maestro can help improve almost every aspect of using your Mac. Even the simplest things, like typing your email address, or going to Gmail or Facebook, launching Pages, or duplicating a line, all take time and add frustration. Let Keyboard Maestro help make your Mac life more pleasant and efficient.


What’s New in Keyboard Maestro 7?

More Macro Triggers

Trigger your macros with hot keys that are down, pressed, released, or tapped multiple times. Or trigger with a change in window focus or folder or clipboard.

Insert Action by Name

Press a hot key, and then type in part of the name of an action to see a list of possibilities. Press Return or double click to insert it. With so many available actions this can save a lot of time.

Share with a click

The new Share button on the toolbar lets you easily share macros to the Forum, or via messages, email and more.

Group Actions

Group actions together then try, enable or disable them all. Give the group a name with the new rename feature in the gear menu so you can easily keep track of what you’re doing.

Gear Menu

Each action now includes a Gear menu to enable, disable, try, rename, add notes, set colors, or get help, as well as copying the action as text or an image for easier sharing.

Macro Inspector

The Macro Inspector window tells you when you created, modified or last used a macro. You can also see how many times you’ve used it and how much time it has saved you.

Mouse Display Window

The new Mouse Display window shows the mouse coordinates as your cursor moves around the screen. Set the corner of screen or window to measure from, then copy the results into your action.

Display Text Large

Now actions that return results or display text can Display Large. This is very handy for showing important results or for getting serious attention.

Integrated Help

Each trigger, action, token, function, condition and collection links directly to the wiki. Option select from the addition or insertion menus to go directly to help for exactly that item. Control click on an action, or use the gear icon to call up the help you need.


As you type text tokens, functions, variables and search tokens possible completions appear right at the cursor. Select the one you need and have it entered for you.

Themed Palette styles

Fancy a palette with a blue background, autumn, red wine or custom colors? With a dozen new presets, the ability to set how many columns and how they sort, your Keyboard Maestro palettes will always look just the way you want them.

So Much More

With over a hundred new features or improvements, you’re sure to find exciting new possibilities for your work.


What Else Can Keyboard Maestro Do?

Launch Applications

Launch any application at the touch of a key. Show applications, hide them, bring them to the front, all at your command.

Text Expansion

Insert any kind of text using a Typed String or Hot Key trigger. Type the text or paste in styled text or images. Expand text to insert your name, address, logo, signature, whatever.

Use Text Tokens

Use all sorts of expressive tokens like today's date in any format, window positions, wireless networks, Safari document URL and much more.

Clipboard History

Keyboard Maestro keeps a complete history of your clipboards, so you’ll never lose your clipboard again. Copy three things, then paste them all into another application.

Click the Mouse

Move, click, double click and drag, any button, optionally with modifiers anywhere on the screen or in a window, and more.

Manipulate Windows

Resize, reposition, bring to front, close, zoom, minimize and more. Position windows exactly where you want them.

Menus and Buttons

Press a button, select a menu, and now you can show a menu leaving it open for you to select the desired item.

Control iTunes

Play a specific song or playlist, play, pause or stop, rewind or fast forward, set the rating or the volume. And similarly for QuickTime Player.


Display macros in palettes (like toolbars) so you can easily select from a number of options. Make your own custom interfaces.

Record Macros

Show Keyboard Maestro how to do something. You can also record Quick Macros on the fly for immediate playback.


Open a file, folder, application, URL, system preference pane, the current Finder selection or even the CD tray.


Keyboard Maestro can show notifications, display alerts, prompt for extra information, beep, speak, or play a sound.

Execute Scripts

Execute AppleScripts, or shell scripts like perl, python or ruby. Execute Automator workflows, or filter your clipboard with BBEdit Text Factories.

Built in Flow Control

Use While or Until loops, For Each loops, Repeat loops, If Then Else conditionals, Pause Until and other powerful constructs.

File Actions

Move, copy, rename, trash, delete files. Read and write images and styled text in a variety of formats.

Image Actions

Screen capture, find an image on the screen, flip, rotate, resize, trim, crop images and even draw shapes and text.

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