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Apple Scripts

Keyboard Maestro enables you to run any Apple Script, or any compiled OSA script, in any application simply by pressing a key on your keyboard. This feature alone enables Keyboard Maestro to bring an incredible amount of power to your keyboard. On this web page you can find a repository of useful (and free!) Apple Scripts that we or others have created, or learn more about Apple Script so that you can write your own custom scripts.


Script Author Description
System Action Scripts The Maestro These scripts enable many of Mac OS X’s basic system functions, such as restart, logout, set sound volume, hide everything, etc.
iTunes Script Pack Farhad Pocha A few simple scripts which can be used to control iTunes from Keyboard Maestro.
Open File Using Allen Watson A simple script that allows you to open any selected file in the Finder with a specific application.
Toggle Finder View The Maestro Ideal as a Finder-enhancing hot key. Causes the current front window in the Finder to toggle through the various view styles.

If you have an Apple Script you would like to share, please submit it.

Apple Script Information

Apple’s Apple Script Site - Many useful scripts and all the information you need to get started with scripting. - An online community for Apple Scripting, including a BBS, an online magazine, and many sample scripts.

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